You can buy in this shop souvenirs of the Hospital in the Rock Museum, and vouchers can also be purchased in advance for regular museum tours.

Up until when can you buy a ticket in advance?

You can purchase your ticket in advance for our weekday guided tours every day until 10:00, and for the weekend tours every week until Friday 17:00.

Can you buy tickets on the spot?

Yes, you can! The remaining tickets  can be purchased in the museum using the automatic cash register system in the order of arrival. On average, the 50% of the capacity can be booked on site. However, this is different every day and every hour, so we recommend that if you can, redeem your ticket in advance. It also helps to shorten waiting times and prevent larger crowds from arriving at the same time.

Why can’t we buy tickets online all the time?

Unfortunately, our sales system is not suitable for this yet. We are working on it! In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

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