Museum and program structure


Due to safety regulations the museum can be visited in professional guided programs. Programs depart  every hour on the hour (within opening hours) in separate groups in English and Hungarian. As an individual visitor (coming individually or in small groups below 10 people) you can join these groups in the order of arrival without previous registration.


As the museum is underground, its capacity is limited, there is maximum headcount for each group, temporarily: 10 visitors / group. There is no minimum headcount.


Groups of 8 – 14  are required to register themselves to an individual group via e-mail at least 2 working days prior to the visit at or register as a VIP group. Registration is not valid until it is not confirmed by the museum via e-mail!


Groups of 15 or more must register via e-mail or through the website at least 2 working days prior to the visit by clicking on GROUP. Registration is not valid until it is not confirmed by the museum via e-mail!


You can find further information about our programs, such as interactive tours, incentive team building activities, history lessons HERE. We can organize ordinary programs (e.g. historical walking tours) in other languages, such as  Italian, Spanish, French and German upon request. Extra language cost: + 5000 HUF / group.


Due to the thematic structure and vivid presentation of the museum, taking part is not allowed under 6 years of age, and is not recommended under 12. Children under 12 years of age need parental/adult agreement and supervision.

Credit card payment only

From 01. 08 2020.  you can  pay in our museum only with credit card.  We do not accept cash payment. Please use our vending machines in the lobby of the museum to choose service and pay.

Program fee


The museum can be visited in a specified museum visit program, which consists of a 60-minute guided tour. If you would like to donate to our Foundation, we will offer you a museum visit as a non-consideration service if you donate the below specified amount [350/2011. (XII. 30.) Government Decree on Certain Issues in the Management of Non-Governmental Organizations, Fundraising, and Public Benefit, 1. § (5) a), b), 4. § (1) e), 6. §].


We kindly inform you that ID proof is required for discount prices.

The price list is valid from 16. 03. 2020. and VAT and the professional guide for the 60 minutes long program (English or Hungarian) is included in the program fee.

Group discounts (group of 15 or more)

Group discount: – 10%

  • We give 10% discount from the total MUSUEM VISIT service fee for pre-registered groups of 15 or more people


Health care and armed forces group discount: – 50%

  • Pre-regestered health care and armed forces groups (of 15 or more people) receive 50% from the adult MUSEUM VISIT service fee.
    • Armed forces: Soldiers, Police, Fire Brigade, FEMA , Civil Defence, etc.
    • Health Care workers: Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance Staff, Health Care Employees, etc.