However, a framework of the agreement shows that China wanted to establish partnerships with Victoria in the areas of biotechnology, agriculture, food, cosmetics and other sectors: “This bill was not just about Chinese agreements, it is a broader matter and it is up to the federal Parliament to decide whether they want to do it or not,” Andrews said. The Victorian opposition said the Belt and Road agreement was “unnecessary” if it could not be used to resolve trade tensions. Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said he was not re-listening to the state`s belt and road agreement with China in the face of escalating diplomatic tensions between the two nations. Andrews said he spoke with Mr Morrison on Tuesday about the fabricated image showing an Australian soldier with a knife to the throat of an Afghan child. Penny Wong, a spokeswoman for the Federal Chamber of Labor for Foreign Affairs, said Sunday that she wants a reasonable discussion between the federal government and the Victorian government about the Belt and Road agreement, but did not say the deal should be denounced. But the end of the agreement should not distract attention from the greatest challenge. Because the document has never accomplished much and its absence will not do so. Instead of supporting the belt and the street, or condemning any project with Chinese participation, countries need to look at economic opportunities based on their benefits and with the broader goal of developing resilience to coercion. Cooperation with partners and allies is essential and, inadvertently, China deepens mutual understanding among its competitors. Some of the legislation was passed last week after Labor backed an amendment that would have allowed for judicial review, but the coalition government beat them in the House of Representatives and sent them back to the Senate. The bill was passed on Tuesday when Crossbench Senator Jacqui Lambie changed her vote.

“Let the Australian government consider this to be a decision it has made itself. And of course, we`ll wait and see what that decision is. “I think now that the minister has the power, it is time to have a reasonable discussion with the Victorian government,” said Senator Wong. Andrews said the position was not defensible, but added that it was important to maintain a strong relationship with China. “We focus a lot on working closely with our trading partners.” It was a secret deal that surprised foreign policy makers, and Victoria`s comfortable deal with Beijing is once again in the spotlight.