Here`s what the Free Press is able to learn about the details of the UAW`s preliminary agreement proposal with General Motors. During the first days of the work stoppage, strikers in several locations temporarily occupied non-unionized workers, including GM employees and employees with contractors employed in empty strike plants. While the teamsters honored the UAW`s strike lines and said they would not provide finished vehicles to dealers, non-teamster truckers were doing the work in the premises and outside the strikers. GM pulled out of the road 12 days after the strike and said it would continue to cover health care. The UAW National Council will decide on Thursday whether to recommend the agreement for a ratification vote and whether the strike will continue while members vote. The United Auto Workers` months-long strike against General Motors Co. could end after they reached a tentative deal wednesday to raise base wages, increase uncapped profit participation and other profits, although three U.S. plants are likely to be closed. Teamsters said they would honor UAW pickets and would not provide pre-strike vehicles to dealers, but GM used non-teamster truckers to move vehicles out of factories, sometimes leading to picket lines. If the contract is ratified, UAW workers, on strike of $250 per week, are expected to receive one-time signing bonuses and base salary increases.

The union also insisted that temporary workers at GM plants, who earned less than permanent UAW employees, should have an easier path to full-time wages and benefits. About 200 local union leaders representing GM employees are expected in Detroit on Thursday for a National Council meeting to vote on the provisional agreement to join the UAW and the date of the end of the strike. If the UAW decides to continue the strike until the agreement is ratified, the union could be put under pressure to speed up the process, said Art Schwartz, a former GM negotiator. UPDATE 16.10.19, 11:30 .m.: The Associated Press reported that the United Auto Workers and General Motors have reached a preliminary agreement that still needs to be voted on, first by union committees and then by all union members. The proposed contract has a four-year term. “At the 17 October meeting, the Council will decide whether the strike will continue until the end of ratification or whether the strike will end when the agreement is approved by the Council,” the union said.