3. The husband shall retain the wife as the sole irrevocable beneficiary under the policy for as long as he is required to pay assistance either for the wife or for one of the children, and the husband may then manage the policy as he pleases. 4. At the request of the wife, the husband will prove each year that the policy remains in force. (alternatively): authorization and instruction, (5) If the insurance policy is no longer available to the husband due to his employment, he will immediately take out replacement insurance (to ensure that there is no gap in coverage outside his control) at the level of coverage at similar costs and replacement policy. or (9) The parties acknowledge that the continuation of such life insurance by the husband consists in providing a fund from which the wife and/or child (the children) may be reimbursed in the event of the death of the man. However, the aid is not limited to this fund. Private life insurance) 24.