All students must meet accommodation standards on campus and on the premises of accredited university accommodation. Students are expected to help their hosts and other residents understand and fulfill their housing standards and the responsibilities of the Code of Honour. Authorization forms must be submitted for all client requests and are available from housing offices. BYU-Hawaii students who do not meet residential living standards are prosecuted by the university. Violations of these standards can be reported to the Office of Honor or the relevant residential life division. A landlord may require a tenant to deposit an amount known as a surety. A deposit is for purposes other than the payment of rent. The rental agreement should indicate the amount of the deposit and what it can be used for. If the deposit can be used to pay the rent, this should be clearly stated in the rental agreement and/or deposit. The money from the deposit cannot be used to cover normal wear and tear.

Normal wear and tear means the deterioration resulting from the use for which the rental unit is intended and without negligence, negligence, accident or abuse or abuse of the premises or contents by the tenants, their family or guests. If landlords deem it necessary to use a deposit, they are required to provide the tenant with a signed statement of the necessary expenses, the amount withheld and the purpose for which the retained amount was used. The declaration and the rest of the deposit must be given to the tenant within 30 days of the delivery of the premises by the tenant. Guests of the other sex who visit the residence of single student parents living in VAT shelters cannot sleep in the bathrooms and dormitories during the visit. You have to leave the VAT until curfew, it is 12 noon, Saturday to Thursday and 2 am. Friday night. The availability of family apartments will be updated online at 16:00 .m. Monday-Friday (except public holidays) on this site.

If the desired accommodation is not available, students can put their name on a waiting list for future available accommodation. For student family accommodations, the agreement must be submitted with a deposit of USD 100 and a non-refundable processing fee of USD 50. Parts 1 and 2 must be completed for the contract to be valid. Quality housing is an important part, and even an integral part of the entire BYU educational experience, and students should carefully evaluate the available housing based on the nature of the housing experience they want, the time they have for their housing activities, and their economic needs. Housing is available on campus and in surrounding communities, and programs have been implemented in campus residences and with off-campus owners to integrate the residential experience into the entire educational program of the university. Accommodation Campus Office 100 SASB Phone: (801) 422-2611 Free: (877) 403-0040 Fax: (801) 422-0837 E-mail: Residences: Hales 1-10. Visitors of the other sex are allowed in the living room and lobby, but not in living rooms or areas, including kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Visiting hours start after 8 a.m. and extend until 11:30 p.m., Saturday through Thursday….