Personalization reinforces the negotiators` commitment to a conclusion or decision. Personalization – including the negotiator`s name on the agreement itself – serves to remind the negotiator of the experience, time, investment and spirit of the conciliation process. The negotiator is an essential cog in everything that turns out to be: he influences the outcome and is influenced by others present; He was the one who gave his approval to all the colonies concerned. A written agreement is not necessarily the barometer of successful mediation. Sometimes a certain dynamic develops, which pushes the parties to overcome their differences so profoundly that they do not feel the need for a written agreement. It is essential that a conciliation agreement takes a personal tone. This involves a list of the negotiator`s personal names, whether they are the real parties to the conflict or their representatives. What`s more, if a negotiator is usually referred to by a nickname, you use it in the agreement. This personal tone, so different from the formality of other agreements, increases the negotiator`s sense of responsibility in the process. Terms such as “business” exclude the part representing the company and the process and should therefore be avoided. On the other hand, the use of nicknames or other informal terms preferred by a party allows the mediation agreement to be developed. This phase fosters an environment in which the parties can become familiar with mediation. This personal climate contributes to effective and productive negotiations.

If payment is not made on time, the Ombudsman may, at his sole discretion, suspend all work on behalf of the participants, including the drafting and/or distribution of the participants` agreement, and withdraw from mediation. (a) The fact or catalyst of the current conflict. This is often an existing misunderstanding or controversy. b) A statement that both parties have a common interest in resolving the conflict. c) A statement that the mediation agreement will be a product of this mediation process. . The agreement will be understandable and credible for all parties and will face the harsh experience of reality.