In our webshop it is possible to settle the orders only with online credit card payment. In case of online purchase, it is not possible to pay via bank transfer, via cash on delivery or via cash.


  1. Credit card payment using the Barion system:

Barion is an electronic payment service that allows you to pay with credit card or prepaid balance in online stores and mobile applications conveniently and safely.

Registration and Barion mobile application, as well as money betting and sending are free, so you do not need to calculate it either now or in the future. Barion Balance Management is also free, with no entry or monthly fees. There are modest fees for recharging and redeeming your balance, but bank transfer is free.

Barion Payment Zrt. registration is not required for credit card payment, it is enough to enter your bankcard number, expiration date and CVC code on the back side and a working email address.

However, if you sign up, you will never need to type in your card information at any one Barion acceptance point, your email address and password will be enough to pay. This is not only convenient, but it also increases security!

You can use:

  • Mastercard or Maestro
  • Visa or Electron
  • Amex card

Barion servers are protected by Norton / Symantec / Verisign 256-bit SSL encryption. Before you make a payment, always make sure that you enter the bank card details or password required for payment on the secure Barion server. The browser indicates green when the payment is secure and identifies the payee owner as Barion Payment Inc. [HU]. The security of Barion servers has been designed according to the requirements of the Hungarian National Bank.


2. Credit card payment using the SimplePay system:

The SimplePay Online Payment System is developed and operated by OTP Mobil Kft.

SimplePay Online Payment System: Customers using the service can choose SimplePay’s simple and secure payment solution for online purchases. You can then pay your salary on the SimplePay interface as usual.

The payment process is the same as the payment procedure offered by banks for similar services. During the service, the user, keeping in mind the security of the cardholder, keeps track of SimplePay transactions and helps prevent unexpected events.

For more information, please visit!

You can use:

  • Mastercard or Maestro
  • Visa or Electron

Clicking on the “Payment” button will lead you to the SimplePay payment page, where you start the transaction by entering your bank card details.

Note! For Maestro and Visa Electron cards, the issuing bank determines the use of the card on the Internet. If the issuing bank has authorized it, then the system will be able to accept the payment.

The merchant is not aware of the data content of the SimplePay payment page, as it is an independent and protected website.


How much does this payment cost?

You can use your credit card free of charge (not like at most of the credit transfers and cash on delivery payments), and neither our website charges you with extra fees.

What happens if I am unable to pay for my order?

Technical failures or not having sufficient funds might interrupt the online banking payment. In such case you will be alerted on the site of SimplePay or Barion right away. To guarantee the security, you are not going to be able to restart the payment, you must start your order from the beginning. We recommend that you check before paying weather you have sufficient funds, and that you prepare your credit card so that the payment process is not interrupted because of the timeout.

Ways of delivery


In case you purchased only tickets in our webshop, there will be no delivery in its physical sense. We will send you the confirmation of your order via e-mail (in no more than a day).

Important information about the tickets: Every ticket bought online can be used one single time, so please be careful that no one makes a copy of it. When using the ticket gets invalidated at the cashier, so in case you are not arriving together we suggest you buy each ticket separately.



In case you purchased only a souvenir/gift card in our webshop you have to choose a way of delivery during the ordering process, which can be home delivery (available in Hungary only!) or pickup in person.

If you choose home delivery, we will send you the order by courier service within 4-7 working days within Hungary. In this case please provide an address where someone can pick up the package during the day (8 am – 5 pm). The fee of home delivery in Hugnary is 1800 HUF, which will be added to your order automatically after choosing this option. In case you purchased only gift card, we can send your order via post for 800 HUF. In case of foreign shipping, please contact our customer service and we will send you information about the international shipping tariff of our delivery partners.

You can pick up your order personally at the Hospital in the Rock Museum (1012 Budapest, Lovas street 4/C). Our Colleagues will contact you once your package is ready and receivable (usually 2-5 workdays).

If you purchased a souvenir and ticket as well, you must choose a way of delivery as described above, but the delivery will include only the souvenirs. We will send You the confirming document of the ticket/ gift card purchase through e-mail.