Museum service fee


Groups of 15 or more are given 10% discount from the museum service fee in case of the 60-minute-long historical museum walk program. The program fee includes the professional guide.
As the Museum has a significant cultural and historical heritage we kindly ask the group leaders to watch their group and abide by the house rules in the course of the visit. You can choose any of our additional programs, services, such as interactive walking tours, team-building activities and interactive walking tours.

If you would like to request any information or initiate a booking within 2 working days, please dial +36 30 359 99 19 within office hours (10:00-17:00). Thank you for your cooperation.




ORDINARY HISTORY WALK – 60-min-long walk:


One-hour program with a professional guide who takes the group on an adventurous tour through the WWII hospital, machinery rooms and bunker, including the atomic bomb exhibition of the Museum.



INTERACTIVE HISTORY WALK –  90-min-ling walk:


Playful interactive walks are available upon request. Visitors can discover the secret nuclear bunker and hospital and its history in contemporary clothes while executing special tasks and missions. Exercises include activities that were usual in case of emergency situations such as carrying people on stretchers, providing first aid care or putting on gas masks. Quiz questionnaires, team competition and evaluation are optional features of the program.

Duration: ~ 90 minutes

Hueadcount: Minimum 7 – maximum 20 pax/group (larger groups will be divided into smaller ones on the spot).

Interactive service fee:  20 000 HUF / csoport.


  • Only weekdays (Monday to Friday)


  • Between 1 March and 31 October the program can start on weekdays only at 9:00 or after 16:00


  • Between 2 November and 28/29 February the program can start at any time within opening hours depending on the Museum’s capacity



On demand we provide a 45-50-minute-long history lesson presented by our local experts in history for audiences older than 12 years old. Lectures are optional and are only available prior to or after a guided tour. The aim of our history lessons is to provide more insights into Hungary’s past and present and to give a unique experience to students outside the regular scholar environment.

Museum lecture fee: 5000 Ft / group (max. 45 pax).

Recommended above 12 years of age.



1. Hungary in WW II


The lecture presents Hungary’s role in WWII. The presentation is enlivened with maps and photos about true, undistorted events, human fates and decisions, which led to the devastation of Budapest. During the program the history of the Hospital in the Rock is given special attention, enriched with eye witnesses’ reminiscences.


2. The 1956 Revolution


The lecture provides an overview of the 1956 revolution, its meaning and impact. During the lesson we examine how the peaceful student demonstration evolved into a fight for freedom, what was Imre Nagy’s role as the prime minister at that time, and how these events influenced Hungary’s history.


3. The A-Bomb – the past and present of the nuclear threat


The aim of this lecture is to discuss the past and present of nuclear weapons in the world. Students get acquainted with the details of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as the possible effects of the currently available nuclear weapons in order to draw attention to the untold nuclear threat existing today.




A lecture befitting the spirit of a former nuclear bunker. In this lesson we cover the history of proxy wars and the nuclear arms race between the USA and the Soviet Unionx from 1945 till 1991.



Nuclear Disaster Extreme Program

This is an incredible and unique opportunity to practice the civil defence protocol that the personnel would have had to carry out in the hospital in case of a nuclear disaster. The visitors are divided into smaller groups who have special tasks to carry out. The teams are lead and assisted by our local guides are provided technical guidance and direction at an enjoyable level. The program gives insights into air-raid siren warning, gas masks drills, and decontamination procedure.

The Spygame

Nothing is more natural than a spygame activity at a place which was codenamed and classified as LOSK 0101/1 “Top Secret” in the 1950s. In our “Spy Academy” apprentices are trained by our Elite Spies. The spy training aims at the acquisition of special techniques and skills such as code breaking, confronting your fear, and hiding your identity to mention but three. After taking part in the trainings, participants are divided into small teams and let off to fulfill their secret mission as perfectly as possible. For each successful task their deeds are rewards, however, you’d better remember a small mistake can give you or your team away…

We would like to kindly inform you that team building activities can be reserved after 4 p.m. and are only available on weekdays. 



For partner travel agencies, we offer our partner program in a contract framework in return for program fee discounts. For professional tour guides we offer a commission-based partner contract.

As a unique quality tourist attraction in the heart of Europe under the Buda Castle, the Hospital in the Rock can be easily fit into castle visits, thematic “retro” programs, and adventure programs to mention but a few. The cool 15-18°C interior temperature of the museum offers a perfect shelter from the Sun on a hot summer day. Recommend our ordinary group programs and incentive team building activities to your clients too.

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The Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum is a unique place for smaller catering, conference and partner events.
The Museum offers a special atmosphere for lectures, presentations, press conferences, smaller concerts, performances, even video shootings.
There is a lecture room for 50 guests with a mini sound-system and video projector, and a larger hall for 70 guests also with a sound-system and video projector.
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