The maximum number of participants in a group is 30 people. In case the registered number is above the limit, the group will be divided  into 2 smaller ones and start the tour a few minutes after one another.

Registration: We would like to kindly inform you that registration is not automatic. Our colleagues check your contact form and confirm your registration or offer another visit date within 48 hours.

If you wish to book within 48 hours, please call  06-70-7-01-01-01 for availability between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Ticket prices: groups over 15 persons get 10% discount. See our ticket prices HERE. Qualification for discounts must be verified at the time of purchase.

Under 15 persons: if the number of visitors changes, please email us! If the number of visitors drops below 15 people you will be asked to pay the extra fee of the private tour, which costs 15 000 HUF.


NORMAL – 60 minute guided tour

Visits are tailored to diverse types of audiences and can be adaptively altered by our professionally trained guides considering the age and interests of the groups. The provided information makes tours more lively and facilitates better understanding of historical tendencies and events. Finally, participants experience an enlightening time travel.

INTERACTIVE –  90 minute interactive guided tour

Extended guided tours are available wearing contemporary clothes to discover the secret nuclear bunker and hospital and its history by executing special tasks and missions. Such exercises include similar activities that were common during a typical emergency situation such as carrying people on stretchers or putting on bandages and gasmasks. Quiz questionnaires, team competition and evaluation are also possible, optional features of the program. Tour duration is 1,5 hours. The extra charge of interactive guided tour is 20 000 HUF/group.


Disabled and less mobile group?Disabled person arrives with the group