Ready for some financial advice? A financial services contract is a contract between you and your financial advisor. This allows you to outline the business relationship and make sure everyone is on the same side when it comes to tax issues, contact points and service charges. Make a financial services deal in no time – we`ll get you through it. In a few steps, you have a legal document that both parties can sign. We will regularly remind you of the importance of financial auditing, but it will be your decision whenever you need an audit. The client undertakes to cooperate with and retain consultants in order to provide the services defined in this contract. The advisor accepts this contractual relationship and undertakes to provide the financial advice services listed in accordance with the terms of this agreement and undertakes to carry out in good conscience the tasks listed. Failure to comply with or apply any particular element of the financial advisory agreement should not be regarded as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the full scope of this agreement. We advise and make a recommendation after assessing the context of your personal/financial circumstances, including your needs. In some situations, we will only give you information rather than advice – and you will be told clearly on those occasions. In such circumstances, we may ask a few questions to limit the choice of products on which we will give details, and you should then make your own decision as to what to do next. PandaTip: Once you`ve finished customizing this model, click “Send” in the menu on the right. You and your customer will receive a copy of this agreement, which can be signed by any computer or mobile device.

PandaDoc`s electronic signatures are legally binding, and your client can download a signed copy of the agreement for his or her files. Consultants are never considered employees, representatives or partners of the client. The advisor does not have the authority or authority to enter into additional contracts or agreements on behalf of the client at any time. Please note that you can drop the option at any time, and then your financial planning service ends with Chapters Financial Limited. This can be revived by further negotiations.